neupy.layers.input module

class neupy.layers.input.Input[source]

Input layer defines input’s feature shape.


size : int, tuple or None

Identifies input’s feature shape.

name : str or None

Layer’s identifier. If name is equal to None than name will be generated automatically. Defaults to None.


>>> from neupy import layers
>>> input_layer = layers.Input(10)
>>> input_layer


input_shape (tuple) Layer’s input shape.
output_shape (tuple) Layer’s output shape.
training_state (bool) Defines whether layer in training state or not.
parameters (dict) Trainable parameters.
graph (LayerGraph instance) Graphs that stores all relations between layers.


disable_training_state() Swith off trainig state.
initialize() Set up important configurations related to the layer.
options = {'name': Option(class_name='BaseLayer', value=Property(name="name")), 'size': Option(class_name='Input', value=ArrayShapeProperty(name="size"))}[source]
size = None[source]